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XPro Tactical Flashlight

XPro Tactical Flashlight


The XPro Tactical is our new flagship flashlight, featuring a 90 degree wide angle lens combined with a 1000 lumen output, it’s the perfect duty companion.


Designed to be clipped on to your chest, arm or head whilst allowing your hands to be free to handle situations effectively.The flashlight comes with lots of accessories to make it work for you, regardless of your uniform style. (overalls, tac vests, molle body armour, classic pocket clip carry or with head torch)


The XPro Tactical includes:

Protective box

Magnetic USB charge cable

Versatile rubber torch hoop and attachment plate

Head torch harness

Detachable metal pocket clip

USB rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery



1000 lumen power output with dissipated LED illumination technology

High and Low power modes [1000/500 Lumen modes)

Magnetic USB charging, safe and instant charging

IP65 Water resistant and dustproof rating

Magnetic base allows torch to be placed anywhere

Multifunctional: Versatile attachments allow for maximum compatibility

Knurled alloy frame for excellent grip even in thick gloves.


The 1000 lumen illumination will spread to a distance of up to 100 metres, but its core role is to give the user a large spread of light around their immediate surroundings


An illuminated power button sits atop the flashlight for ease of use; this will also warn you by going from green to red when it is in need of charging and allows for switching between functions:

[HIGH POWER 1000 Lumen, LOW POWER 500 Lumen, OFF.

QUICK DOUBLE CLICK is strobe mode.

The rugged alloy frame is knurled to offer maximum grip even with thick gloves. It also features a strong magnetic base to allow hands-free note taking by allowing it to be put anywhere, at any angle!


XPro Tactical does not need replacement batteries, simply connect the USB charge lead to the magnetic charge point on the watch body and it will recharge itself.

The XPro can sense if it is low on charge or might have been turned on accidentally and will vibrate softly, allowing the user to know its state.

This is a safety feature as with any modern, powerful LED flashlight- they can become hot when enclosed in a pouch and left on.



Prior to using the flashlight for the first time, make sure you unscrew the head with your fingers, remove the cellophane from the new battery and then tighten the head back on (finger tight until it stops turning) to prevent water breaching the rubber seal.

Do not cross thread, take your time with reinstallation.

YOU MUST plug your XPro Tactical flashlight in to a functioning USB port for 4+ hours to make sure it is fully charged before use. This will give longevity to the life of the battery.


Dimensions: L 120mm x W 25mmWeight: 120 grams

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