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T2R dual purpose Flashlight

T2R dual purpose Flashlight


Generation 2 is here! Built to replace the outgoing T1R flashlight, this new T2R features some design improvements, over twice the light output of the predecessor and built in USB charging.


The Patrolman T2R dual purpose flashlight features split functionality, serving as both a 600 lumen flashlight and as a 180 degree 400 lumen LED lantern- perfect for attaching to body armour and being worn on patrol.
With its rugged design, the T2R is the ideal torch to carry with you on or off duty.


The T2R comes with a built in USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery.



Dual functionality: COB LED frame integrated lantern & CREE LED flashlight

600 lumen CREE LED torch power with zoom functionality

180 degree 400 lumen COB LED lantern power

USB charging with a built in Li-Ion battery

IP44 Water resistant and dustproof rating
Magnetic base allows torch to be placed anywhere

Notched alloy frame for excellent grip even in thick gloves


The conventional flashlight CREE LED emits 600 lumen over a distance of up to 150 metres and is fully adjustable with a hand operated zoom.
The COB LED emits 400 lumen in a 180 degree orb, illuminating the immediate surroundings.

Both the CREE and COB LED’s operate with cool 5000k white output for maximum brightness.


The rugged alloy frame is notched to offer maximum grip even with thick gloves. It also features a strong magnetic base to allow hands-free note taking by allowing it to be put anywhere, at any angle!


T2R does not need replacement batteries, the battery is fixed and should not be disassembled in anyway - simply plug it into any USB power source and it will recharge itself.

For ease of use in the field, a USB connector is unscrewed at the tail end of the flashlight to negate requiring a separate wire.


Prior to using the flashlight for the first time, unscrew the cap form the BASE of the flashlight (nearest to the strap)
Plug your T2R into a functioning USB port for 4+ hours to make sure it is fully charged before use, this will give longevity to the life of the battery.

Make sure to tighten the cap back on (finger tight until it stops turning) to prevent water breaching the rubber seal. Do not cross thread, take your time with reinstallation.


Light functionality goes through the following cycle, operated by the orange rubberised switch.


Dimensions: L 110mm x W 28mm
Weight: 110 grams

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