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Have your collar number engraved on the Enforcer.

Have your collar number engraved on the Enforcer.

SKU: PM00060
(Approx $18 USD / €16 EUR)
Back by popular demand!
*Only applicable to the Enforcer watch range*
Have your own badge number or name professionally engraved onto the Patrolman Enforcer back casing, to create a truly custom, one of a kind watch!This is limited to 7 character only, due to size restrictions.
Eg: 2205 or BRANSON
Click purchase and you will be prompted in basket to add your own number or name to the watch order.  
*Please note: All of the engraving work is carried out by a third party engraving company to the highest standard, this will add a short delay to your order shipment. This is due to the custom nature of the work, please allow an additional 7-14 days to facilitate this process.*
It took us months of trialling firms to find our current engraving company, as such the watches that are engraved with your badge numbers look almost as if they were done in the factory. However, please be mindful that this is a secondary engraving, which will never be *quite* as clean as the OEM watch caseback.
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