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G Shock Nato strap adapters

G Shock Nato strap adapters



Heavy duty, black resin adapters, designed to modify your G-Shock so that you can run Ballistic nylon straps on your Casio watch!

Works perfectly with our Patrolman Thin Blue Line Ballistic NATO strap

It enables better fit, comfort and durability and will bring a new lease of life to your Casio watch, for those that are bored of the traditional hard rubber OEM items.

Fully removable to allow you to chop and change straps.

Suitable for both 22mm and 24mm Nato straps, it makes use of 16mm reducer spring bars (included in the sale) to link your G Shock with the Nato strap.

INCLUDED: 2x G Shock adapters + 2x free 16mm Spring bars

You'll need a small watch strap tool or slim screw driver to make life easier on yourself for fitment, there are plenty of DIY videos on YouTube will show you how easy it is to swap to a Nato strap using an adaptor if you've not done it before.



Allows Casio G-Shock watches to be used with 22mm and 24mm straps, Many G-Shock that can accept a standard 16mm spring bar should be compatible.

This is not an exhaustive list: Works with Casio watches:
DW5000, DW5200, DW5300, DW5300CV, DW5600/GW5600, DW5610/GWM5610, DW6100, DW6200, DW6500, DW6900/G6900, DW9052, G2500, G7900, G8900, G100/GA100/GD100/GDF100, GA110, GA120/GD120, GA400, GA700, GG1000, GA2100, G8900, G9100, GW9200, GL7200, GLS5600 and many other (but not all) G-Shocks that feature 16mm lug width.

Based on customer feedback, 5600, 5610 series are difficult to install and GD350, GX56, G9300, GW9400 needs a trim on the adapters to fit.
Our compatible adapters d
oes not work with G9000, GA1000, MRG and GST series.


It might be difficult to fit the adapters for some G-Shock models hence we will supply 2x thinner 16mm spring bars, which will make it easier to install the adapter onto your G-Shock for most cases as there is more room to wiggle.
If that doesn't work
, you might need to cut off or file off abit of resin on the adapter to fit.

    £8.00 Regular Price
    £6.00Sale Price
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